After addressing a deceased tree on your property, the remaining unsightly stump can pose environmental hazards, endanger public safety, and cause property damage. Dragonetti Tree Removal offers a hassle-free, affordable, and swift stump removal service, utilizing certified crews and specialized equipment for safe and efficient tree and stump removal.

Providing Stump Removal services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and more!

Specializing in stump grinding, our team sets industry standards by collaborating with leading organizations like the Tree Care Industry (TCIA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). We employ the latest equipment for rigging and extraction, ensuring stray roots and stumps of all sizes are effectively removed. Our land clearing methods and thorough site cleanups minimize environmental impact, providing a comprehensive solution.

Stump Grinding Services

Once your old tree is removed, the remaining stump might seem decorative, but it’s often unsightly and hazardous and attracts pests. Dragonetti Tree Removal efficiently grinds unwanted stumps and roots 6” to 12” below grade, typically taking half an hour to two hours, depending on the stump’s size.

Contrary to its name, stump grinding uses equipment with specially designed carbide teeth on a cutter wheel, cutting the stump into smaller chips. The resulting debris can be recycled to fill the stump’s hole, used as decorative mulch, or removed. After removal, you can transform the space with fresh grass, an attractive flower bed, or a new tree.

Why Trust Dragonetti Brothers With Your Stump Removal?

Even if you’re skilled at home repairs, stump removal is a job best entrusted to professionals. With over 40 years of experience and ongoing training, Dragonetti Tree Removal specializes in the efficient and swift grinding of remaining stumps. Opting for professional services offers additional advantages, including:

  • Safety Guidelines and Licensed, Insured Professionals
  • Better, Well-Maintained Equipment
  • Proper Site Preparation
  • Better Protective Gear
  • Overall Cost Savings

Affordable Tree Stump Removal in New York City

Ensure the safety and aesthetic appeal of your New York property by letting our certified specialists handle the removal of unwanted stumps. Dragonetti Brothers specializes in professional tree trimming, cutting, removal, and stump grinding services across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. With over 40 years of landscaping expertise, we promise services that are safe, efficient, and budget-friendly, coupled with an exceptional customer experience.

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Tree Stump Removal FAQs

Individuals, businesses, or contractors planning to conduct tree work or removal within 50 feet of a tree on New York City property must secure a permit from Parks & Recreation.

Typically, stump grinding is more affordable than stump removal, often saving you around $100 to $200, however, these services are distinct from each other.

Stump grinding prices depends on the stump removal company, but is often charged by inches.

A tree with a partially standing trunk is considered a tree requiring tree removal services, while a stump, located close to the ground, requires stump grinding services.