Manhattan is the most densely populated borough in New York City, renowned for its iconic status and beautiful parks. Residents and city landscapers are dedicated to enhancing the beauty of each neighborhood through expert horticulture. Consistent tree care is an important step to maintaining the NYC pathways and attracting tourists throughout the city.

With over 40 years of service, Dragonetti Tree Removal is a trusted arborist for homeowners and landscapers across the city. Fully insured and licensed, our professional crew excels in comprehensive tree care in all parts of Manhattan, including simple tree care and complex tree removals.

Tree Care And Pruning In Manhattan

Overgrown tree branches pose potential hazards on your property, risking damage to windows, office roofs, or inconveniencing neighbors. Proper tree maintenance is crucial. Our tree pruning arborist services not only enhance the beauty of your property but also ensure an unobstructed view of Manhattan from your window.

Aside from safety and aesthetics, there are various reasons to choose our tree care and pruning services, including health, structural integrity, cleaning, thinning, and restoration.

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Complete Tree Removal For Manhattan Properties

In some cases, a tree’s presence poses a safety threat, and mere pruning won’t suffice. Dragonetti Tree Removal specializes in the precise, efficient, and safe removal of trees and shrubbery, giving your home or office a fresh appearance. Whether it’s a small bush or a large tree, we ensure minimal disruption to your property with a clean-cut removal.

Additionally, our team offers landscaping planning sessions during the removal process. If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your Manhattan townhome after the removal of a large tree, we can help you plan out and visualize what your new yard will look like post-removal.

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Stump Grinding On Manhattan Properties

Are unattractive tree stumps or exposed roots ruining your property’s appearance? We’ve got you covered! Our skilled and licensed landscapers specialize in precise stump grinding to remove these stumps and promote the overall health of the surrounding land. We don’t just eliminate the stumps, we ensure the soil remains fertile and capable of sustained growth. Rest assured, we leave your property with no hidden concerns, ensuring the stump or roots won’t decay below ground level.

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