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Tree Removal Services in Manhattan

Manhattan is the most densely populated area of the five central boroughs in New York and one of the most iconic. This leads to home residents and city landscapers attempting to make each neighborhood and street a beautiful sight to see. Staying consistent with dedicated tree care in Manhattan can lead to happier and greener pathways, as well as attract tourists to look beyond the flashing neon signs lining Times Square.

Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal has been serving homeowners and landscapers all across New York for nearly 40 years. As a fully insured company, we hire professionals to maintain the upkeep of your trees and bushes in all parts of Manhattan. Our fully licensed crew can inspect and take care of multiple services, such as simple tree care or more complex tree removals.

Tree Care and Pruning in Manhattan

Large, overshadowing tree branches can become a potentially dangerous hazard on your property. Whether they threaten the stability of your window, the roofing to your office or your neighbors taking a weekend stroll down your sidewalk, keeping your trees well maintained is essential. We also perform tree pruning to create a more beautiful looking property and to give you an uninterrupted view out your window of everything Manhattan has to offer.

Beyond safety and aesthetic reasons, there are a few other reasons why people contact us for tree care, including health, structure, cleaning, thinning and restoration.

Complete Tree Removal From Your Property

Sometimes a tree's presence might become a threat to safety, and the simple act of shearing or pruning won't be enough. Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal provides the accurate, efficient and safe removal of shrubbery and trees on your property to give your home or office a new look. We can remove a small bush or a large tree with little to no disturbances to your property, ensuring a clean cut.

Our team also provides landscaping planning sessions during the removal process. If you're unsure how to keep your Manhattan townhome looking beautiful without the giant tree, we can map out some plans to allow you to see the potential that lies within your property.

Stump Grinding on Manhattan Properties

Do you have unsightly tree stumps or exposed roots planted around your property? We can get rid of them for you! With our technique of precise stump grinding, our professional and licensed landscapers will eliminate these stumps from sight and ensure the surrounding land is in good health. We will not leave your property without ensuring the soil is healthy and will continue to grow, as well as make sure the stump or roots are not rotting under the ground level.

Contact Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal Today

If you're ready to give your Manhattan property a makeover, contact us for an array of tree services. We will provide you with a free quote specific to the service you're looking for. We also encourage you to give us a call should you have any questions about our services or your landscaping ideas for your property.