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Summer Tree Care

Summer Tree Care Tips

Summer Tree Care

By taking proper care of your trees during the summer months, you can ensure happy and healthy tree growth and appearance in the fall. Summer tree care and maintenance is a fairly simple checklist and can be performed in little time. When caring for trees in summer, just follow these five easy summer tree care tips.


Keeping your trees green and lush is simple — just add water. Trees, especially those that are young or freshly planted, need at least 1 inch of water per week. For the best and most effective watering practices, give your trees water early in the morning before the summer heat sets in for the day. Add the water slowly over a period of time to ensure the entire root system of the tree gets access, preferably reaching at least 3 feet deep. When watering your trees, less-frequent and deeper water applications encourage better root growth versus shallow, frequent waterings.

Summer Tree Pruning

A majority of your tree’s pruning should be performed in the late winter months, like February and March, to promote healthy growth throughout the rest of the year. However, during the summer, you should prune your trees if you notice diseased, damaged or dead branches. This will keep your trees healthy and prevent any pest intrusions or damage. If you have trees that flower in the spring, like magnolias, flowering cherry trees and lilacs, then summer is the best time to prune.


Mulching your yard isn’t merely a decorative feature, it also provides exceptional care to your trees and other plant life during the summer months. By adding mulch around your trees and shrubs, you’ll experience the following landscaping benefits:

  • Keeps the soil cool

  • Reduces surface evaporation

  • Helps the soil retain added moisture

  • Provides soil nutrients

  • Reduces weed growth

When it’s time to add mulch to your garden, apply it in a doughnut shape around your trees, about 3-4 inches thick. Avoid mulching up and around the tree trunk, as this will invite diseases and insects.


By adding fertilizers to your trees, you can guarantee they have enough nutrition to support shoot development and leaf growth and fight off pests and diseases. Trees that are growing in more stressful and active areas, like in urban spaces, need fertilizer additions more often than trees growing in natural spaces.

Tree Pest Inspections

Regularly take a look at your trees for signs of pest infestations. Many insects aren’t harmful to trees, but many pests like magnolia scale, pine beetle, bagworms, Japanese beetles, emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, aphids and spider mites are active during the summer and can damage your trees. To tell if a pest has found your tree, look for the following signs:

  • Leaves: Glance at your leaves and check for damage, discoloration, sudden leaf thinning, borer holes or unusual leaf sizes.

  • Branches and Trunk: Check for holes and frass on the trunk, lifting roots, and see if there’s less branch growth than in previous years.

If you notice any of these unusual signs marking your tree, call your local experts at Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal to inspect what may be the cause of the damage. We'll work with you to find a solution to get your tree back in healthy condition.

Call Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal for Your Summer Tree Care

When you need assistance with your summer tree maintenance, trust the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal. We specialize in a wide range of tree care and maintenance services, including large and small tree trimming and pruning, cabling and branching trees, tree removal, stump grinding and more. Our experienced professionals provide services throughout the Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan areas, and for your convenience, we also provide 24/7 emergency services and free estimates.

Schedule your summer tree care services with Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal today by completing our online contact form or calling 718-288-8733.




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